Local police officer seconded to Tihange nuclear plant

Local police officer seconded to Tihange nuclear plant

Didier Lambert, head area of the Huy local police announced on Thursday that an officer of the local police was seconded for a period of three months to the Tihange nuclear plant. The aim is to improve the knowledge of the safety of the site.

Chief Superintendent Didier Lambert explains further that a circular from the Interior Ministry orders a collaboration protocol between the various partners (local police, federal police, plant management, etc.) regarding the safety on the Tihange nuclear plant. "This circular concerns exclusively misdemeanours or criminal acts that would be committed on the site of the nuclear plant."

"I suggested during a recent meeting to second an officer at the plant for three months at a rate of two days per week. The aim was to optimize the collaboration between partners, improve knowledge of site safety and determine response sheets with the measures to be taken in case of problems", he explains.

A superintendent of the local police has been assigned to this mission for over two months. This is the first time that an officer is detached in the nuclear plant.

Last week, the officer went with the site managers from Tihange, on the nuclear plant site in Chooz (France), to observe how the French secure their nuclear sites. In that country, it is the role of the national gendarmerie to be responsible for the site security. The visit from the seconded police officer from Huy has allowed him to grasp the procedures as well as how to operate the anti-intrusion security system provided by a specialized squad of the gendarmerie.

Chief Superintendent Didier Lambert confirmed: "The first assessment from this experience is interesting." He also wants to meet the Federal Police’s special units (CGSU) and compile their feedback report on this experience. The case will be presented this Friday the governor of the Province of Liège. 

(Source: Belga)

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