Wallonia: increase in number of flats exceeds that of houses for first time

Wallonia: increase in number of flats exceeds that of houses for first time

Although the size of households decreased constantly in 2014, the increase in the number of flats has, for the first time, exceeded the number of houses in Wallonia. This is one of the observations which emerges from the  “Chiffres-clés du logement en Wallonie - 2015” (Key Housing Figures – Wallonia – 2015) which was published on Monday evening by the Centre d'études en habitat durable (Centre for Sustainable Housing Studies). 

The 2015 publication, the previous 2014 edition and the first release in 2013 together constitute a comprehensive compilation of all available statistics upon housing in Wallonia. 

By far the majority of the Walloon population, continue to live in houses (77.6%) of which 71% are owner-occupiers. Flats represent only 13.6% of the 1.65 million available housing in Wallonia (against 23.9% across the entire Belgian rental stock). However, the relative of share of appartments has not stopped growing. Last year, the number of flats rose by 8,246 compared to 2013. This is the first time the increase has overtaken the rise in houses (7,584 during the same period).

In Wallonia and many other parts of the country, households are on the rise because of both demographic growth and a reduction in the size of private households, points out the research agency. In 2011, over 35% of households were composed of only one person.

(Source: Belga)

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