40,000 copies of Charlie Hebdo special edition to go on sale in Belgium

40,000 copies of Charlie Hebdo special edition to go on sale in Belgium
Credit: Belga

Press distributor AMP has told Belga that some 40,000 copies of the latest special edition of Charlie Hebdo (to be released Wednesday) marking the first anniversary of the jihadist attack that decimated its staff, will go on sale in 2,700 stands across Belgium until February 4th. About one million copies will be printed in total. In Belgium AMP is currently distributing on average 10,000 copies of Charlie Hebdo each week, compared to around 2,000 before the attack on the French satirical weekly.

These days around 100,000 copies of Charlie Hebdo (of which 10,000 abroad) fly off the shelves of stands each week and a further 183,000 are delivered to subscribers. Sales before the attack reached a mere 30,00 in comparison.

A week after the attack, Charlie Hebdo released a first special edition, the “numéro des survivants”, which sold to the tune of 7.5 million copies, of which 480,000 in Belgium. With the first 30,000 snapped up in only a few minutes, Belgium is the second biggest purchaser of the satirical magazine.

The new issue includes an entire section dedicated to sketches made by the artists who died in the attack - Cabu, Wolinski, Charb, Tignous, Honoré – as well as various contributors unlinked to Charlie Hebdo. These outside contributors include the French Minister for Culture, Fleur Pellerin, celebrities such as Isabelle Adjani, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Juliette Binoche, intellectuals like Elisabeth Badinter, Balgladeshi Taslima Nasreen, American Russell Banks and musician Ibrahim Maalouf.

(Source: Belga)

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