A bridal procession blocks the A12 motorway in Meise

A bridal procession blocks the A12 motorway in Meise

The Hal-Vilvorde prosecution has called for a police enquiry after the temporary paralysis, Saturday afternoon, of the A12 motorway, due to a procession of cars that was part of a wedding celebration. According to several witnesses, as well as videos taken at the scene, the procession caused significant disturbances, around 5:50 pm, on the A12 in direction of Brussels, at the Meise junction.

Several vehicles took part in dangerous maneuvers on the public highway. At one time, the procession even stopped on the motorway to toss the groom in the air.

When informed, the police went to the scene, but the procession had in the meantime gone on its way. Justice is now trying to identify the revelers to prosecute them.

The Flemish Minister for Mobility, Ben Weyts (N-VA), rose up on Twitter against such behavior. “Disgusting, mortally dangerous hyper egoism. Justice must act very firmly on the basis of the testimonies and videos. It is time to make an example. Public roads do not belong to them,” he commented.

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