N-VA believes fiscal effort must total €1.4 billion

N-VA believes fiscal effort must total €1.4 billion
Johan Klaps says that the financial envelope for the budget must revolve around public expenditure not revenue.

The N-VA wants the government to opt for the high estimate of the financial envelope to keep the 2018 budget on target, and reduce the structural deficit, sticking to a figure of €1.4 billion. The explanation of the N-VA perspective was given on Thursday by the deputy, Johan Klaps, to parliament. In his view, the financial envelope must revolve around public expenditure, as opposed to revenue.

The Monitoring Committee, which brings together senior officials from the Budget, Finance and Social Security departments, on Wednesday submitted its report to the government on the implementation of the budget. It positions the necessary financial envelope at between €700 million and €1.4 billion.

The Budget Minister, Sophie Wilmès, did not wish to express an opinion on the budget choices which would be made. She indicated that the report, which traditionally provides starting point for budget discussions, will be analysed “line by line”.

The CD&V, for its part, insisted upon the need to produce a balanced piece of work for the budget, dependent upon revenue and expenditure in equal measure.

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