Households, SMEs consuming less electricity

Households, SMEs consuming less electricity

Electricity consumption by households and small-and medium-sized businesses, SMEs, is decreasing, going down by 6% in about a decade, according to 2017 figures from the Federation of Network Managers, Synergrid, reported by L’Echo newspaper on Tuesday. Between 2008 and 2017, energy consumption by households and SMEs went from 57.5 TWh to 53.8 TWh. “Over many years, the drop in distribution is clear”, Synergrid Secretary-General Bérénice Crabs confirmed.

“This decrease is not really a surprise,” commented Stéphane Bocqué, communication manager at Febeg, the federation that represents most energy suppliers in Belgium. “Even if people use the electricity vector more and more, effectiveness is playing a role, with increasingly efficient appliances, but also the development of energy-supply contracts by suppliers, which allows for decoupling economic growth and electricity consumption.”

Philippe Massart, communication director for the Sibelga network manager in Brussels, stressed: “We had already observed the phenomenon for many years. There is no longer any doubt. This is a structural phenomenon and not a situational one."

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