Smart tarps to protect trucks from theft

Smart tarps to protect trucks from theft

A Dutch-Belgian project tests the installment of intelligent tarpaulins, equipped with captors, to protect trucks from theft, intrusions and vandalism. This world premier, called “Passant,” was presented Monday in Ardooie, in Western Flanders. The pilot project will be tested in Ostende and Moerdijk, the Netherlands.

This innovation consists of an intelligent tarpaulin to protect the trucks’ cargo. The tarp’s captors will signal to a monitor room any attempt of intrusion.

In Ostende, cameras capable of identifying registration plates in particular, and fences equipped with an intelligent system have also been installed.

The project has a budget of 2.7 million euro at its disposal, of which half is financed by the European program, Interreg, which supports interregional cooperation projects and policy learning platforms.

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