Serious accident involving a shared car in Antwerp

A shared car which is part of the “Poppy” network was involved in a serious accident in Antwerp on Saturday. Local police say the occupants fled the scene.

The car was driving very fast through the Kiel neighbourhood in the town centre, when the driver ran a red light and then had to avoid a vehicle that drove when the light was green.

The driver lost control of the vehicle and hit the central barrier. The car turned over before landing on its side and hitting another vehicle. A set of traffic lights was also destroyed during the accident. No-one was hurt.

The police say witnesses saw the four occupants get out the car through the driver’s window. The police are currently looking at the vehicle, but it is not known who was driving.

This is not the first accident involving a shared car in Antwerp. A stolen and damaged car was found in a car park in February.

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