Vincent Kompany attracts job seekers to VDAB

Vincent Kompany attracts job seekers to VDAB
Actiris directed 1,210 Brusselers to VDAB in 2017.

The Brussels office for employment, Actiris, last year redirected four times more job seekers to its Flemish counterpart VDAB. The figures come from the Flemish Minister for Employment, Philippe Muyters (N-VA). An article in De Tijd on Wednesday indicates that the increase is due to the Actiris campaign with the Red Devil, Vincent Kompany.

Actiris directed 1,210 Brusselers to VDAB in 2017, four times more than a year earlier. Of these, 855 (71%) have since been interviewed by an employee from the Flemish employment agency. Half of these job seekers have commenced a given pathway to get back into work.

The phenomenon is due, in large part, to an Actiris campaign with Vincent Kompany dubbed “I am learning Dutch with Vincent”, calling upon Brussels job seekers to learn Vondel’s language, so as to find work more easily.

The campaign has also led to an increase in the number of unemployed Brusselers learning Dutch through VDAB. In January 2018, the agency organised twice as many training sessions as the same period last year.

The PR exercise involving Vincent Kompany was the first joint concrete initiative between Actiris and VDAB so as to counter unemployment in the Brussels region. In 2017, the Brussels region had some 91,000 job seekers. Half of the job adverts in the Brussels region are requesting bilingual individuals in their person specifications.

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