Hot sunny weather expected in next few days

Hot sunny weather expected in next few days

The weather will be mainly hot and sunny in the next few days, with maximum temperatures of 20 or 21 degrees on Tuesday afternoon expected to continue rising through Thursday, according to  the Royal Meteorological Institute, IRM. A few more clouds can be expected on Tuesday afternoon in the west of the country, with highs of 17 or 18 degrees at sea and in the Ardennes, 19 to 20 degrees elsewhere and even 21 degrees in some areas.

The wind will be light to moderate, blowing from the south to the southwest.

The clouds will gradually disperse in the evening and tonight will be practically clear. Lows will be between 5 and 9 degrees.

Wednesday will be sunny and warm during the day. Highs will range from 19 degrees in Hautes-Fagnes and 22 degrees at sea to 24 or 25 degrees in De Kempen. The wind will be generally light, blowing from southeast to east.

The sun will still be around on Thursday. Temperatures will rise to 22 or 23 degrees in Upper Belgium, and 25 to 27 degrees in the plains. On the coast, however, a sea breeze will keep temperatures from exceeding 23 degrees. Winds will be moderate then generally light.

Friday’s winds will be light to moderate, blowing from northwest to north, bringing slightly more humid air into the country.  The weather will still be sunny in the centre and east of the country but, in the west, there will gradually be more clouds. Highs will continue to be warm - 18 degrees on the coast and 25 degrees in De Kempen.

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