Lidl strike: around 70 shops closed on Thursday morning

Lidl strike: around 70 shops closed on Thursday morning
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The simmering discontent movement continues at Lidl. Around 9 a.m. on Thursday approximately 70 shops were closed. The indication of the move came from the management. Setca and the CNE say the regions of Wallonia Picardy, and Liège, Mons and Charleroi are the most affected. Myriam Delmée, the Vice President of the Socialist trade union says, “The situation may yet develop as the day goes on.”

The management says that talks are able to resume quickly, but for now the trade unions say that “no further dialogue is anticipated.” 

The increase in Lidl’s offering, marked by shop renovations and new ranges over recent months, has been accompanied by an ever-increasing pursuit of productivity” which Setca says “is exhausting teams, that have reached the limit what they can literally stand.” 

Talks took place on Wednesday, between the trade unions and the management, but they have not enabled an agreement to be reached. Romuald Geury, the CNE Staff-member Representative stresses, “The management’s proposals are insufficient given worker demands.”

On Wednesday, across Belgium no less than 85 shops out of the total 300 nationwide branches of the European and US supermarket chain remained closed.

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