Sart-Tilman police deployed following jewellery robbery

Following a jewellery robbery, on Wednesday afternoon in Seraing, significant numbers of police were deployed during the evening near Sart-Tilman. The Liège police force indicated that they took action to help their colleagues in Seraing. The details confirm information released on RTL Info.

The Liège police told RTL Info, “An armed robbery occurred in the Seraing-Neupré area.” Consequently, a significant police operation took place in the Sart-Tilman area of Liège. The Liège police went on, “The armed robbers fled towards Liège, so we came to support our Seraing colleagues.”

Several residents in the zone particularly noticed the presence of a helicopter around 7 p.m. The robbery, which was the cause of the police operation, happened in a jewellery store in Seraing around 5 p.m. Nobody was injured.

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