Belgium announces project to fight against burnouts in banks and hospitals

Belgium announces project to fight against burnouts in banks and hospitals
Maggie De Block has elaborated upon her department's burnout pilot in the hospital and banking sector.

The federal government will now make €2.5 million available. The purpose: a pilot project aiming to fight against burnout in the banking and hospital sector.

The Minister for Health, Maggie De Block (Open Vld), explained this on Monday, speaking on La Première and Radio 1 stations.

"The Flemish Liberal detailed that “Between 300 and 1,000 patients” will be part of the project financed by the federal agency for professional risks (Fedris). Within the framework, workers threatened with, or who have reached an early stage of burnout, will enjoy specific support. Requests will be able to be introduced through a treating doctor or an in-house doctor, either of whom is able to observe burnout.

Once the condition is confirmed, patients will be able to undertake implemented support and treatment journeys with the aim of them continuing to work or rapidly resuming work. These journeys will spread out over a maximum nine-month period, comprising a package with the highest number of sessions being 17.

These sessions will take the form of a clinical consultation and will revolve around for example stress management, a healthy lifestyle and the worker’s career plans. The medical professionals responsible for the treatment journeys will use, if necessary, psychotherapy or cognitive-emotional approaches, such as physiotherapy and relaxation to support the worker in their recovery phase.

The costs of these sessions will be paid for by Fedris. The project will begin in November 2018, and will be subject to an evaluation as to its success after two years.

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