Dozens of barrels of unidentified chemicals found in Voeren

Dozens of barrels of unidentified chemicals found in Voeren

About 100 barrels, some containing an unidentified chemical, have been found near the Ottegraeve Castle in Sint-Martens-Voeren in Limburg Province. The substance is thought to be waste from synthetic narcotics manufactured in a laboratory. Some of the barrels contained the chemical, while others were empty. The local police have called in the civil protection service to take the barrels away.

The office of the public prosecutor in Limburg has opened an inquiry into the dumping of chemical waste and samples have been taken for a more in-depth laboratory investigation, which will be conducted on site. Those responsible for the waste have not been identified.

In recent months, substances have been dumped on many occasions, particularly in the North Limburg areas of Lommel, Neerpelt, Overpelt and Hamont-Achel. This includes thousands of litres of chemicals abandoned in stolen trailers.

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