Decree prohibiting use of non-professional weed killers approved

Decree prohibiting use of non-professional weed killers approved

The ministers’ council approved Friday a decree that prohibits the use of certain herbicides by private individuals, announced the Minister of Agriculture Denis Ducarme. “Roundup” in particular is targeted, of which the active substance is glyphosate.

The prohibition concerns all herbicides for non-professional use. Only herbicides made of basic substances (which are not alarming, the effect of which on the endocrine system has not been proven, and the first use of which is not phytosanitary), of bio pesticides and of low-risk substances could still be authorized.

Concerning systemic herbicides, such as “Roundup,’’ the prohibition of marketing, sales and non-professional use will be immediate after the enactment of the decree. As for selective herbicides (for example, the weed killer meant to eliminate dandelion, daisies, etc. in a lawn), 6 months will be granted before their marketing prohibition. The sale of these products will be prohibited as of 31 December 2018.

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