Consumers want sustainable trade without higher prices

Consumers want more sustainable trade, but only 5% are willing to pay more for it, according to the CEO of the Belgian trade federation Comeos, Dominique Michel. Speaking on Wednesday night at a ceremony marking the federation’s 40th anniversary, he said Comeos had polled about 1,000 persons on societal concerns and the responses offered by the trade sector. The survey, he added, showed that consumers mostly wanted the trade sector to practice truthful publicity, protect consumers and fight wastage of food.

“That’s the bottom line for everyone,” Michel explained. Consumers’ sustainability priorities consist of a supply of healthy, ecological goods and good use of clients’ data, he added.

The results of the survey show that there are three groups of consumers. The first is strongly concerned about product sustainability. This group is made up mainly of women, people over the age of 55, and Dutch-speakers.

The second group is enthusiastic about sustainable goods, that’s all.

The third group, comprising mainly men, young people and Francophones, pay little attention to the issue.

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