50 more inspectors to fight social fraud and social dumping

State secretary Philippe De Backer (Open Vld) has recruited 49 extra inspectors to fight social fraud, he said in a press release on Saturday. The new inspectors, who will start in the Autumn, have mainly be recruited to combat fake freelancers and social dumping. "The fight against social fraud is going stronger than ever, with a record 226 million euros reclaimed last year. With 49 more inspectors in the field, we are stepping up the fight for fair and healthy competition in our country. I want to want to ally with all those who want to do business fairly. Fraudsters are not welcome". 

Around 100 inspectors were recruited at the end of 2016. Out of the 49 new ones, 22 will do anti social dumping checks, 20 will check for fake freelancers and 7 will only do social security inspections. By the Autumn, the service will have 1,200 inspectors in total. 

Philippe De Backer says this recruitment comes at a crucial moment. "Social inspectors have never checked for social fraud and social dumping so thoroughly, day and night, before". 

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