Direct railway link from Brussels Airport to Leuven restored

The direct railway link between Leuven and Brussels Airport is once again open, Thomas Baeken, spokesman of Intrabel, indicated on Monday. Tracks along the line had been covered by a mudslide during the storm on May 25th. The mudslide had covered 600 metres on one track and 400 metres on another track at Nossegem. Maintenance teams deployed by Infrabel, the company which manages the railway infrastructure, carried out maintenance work for over a week, followed by tests, to check that things were back to normal.

Because of the disruptions, people travelling from Leuven to the airport had had to make a stop at Zaventem or take the train to Brussels North, then continue on to the airport.

Since 5 a.m. on Monday, they were now able to travel directly to the airport once again.

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