Nationality Code: the CoCof will submit an appeal

Nationality Code: the CoCof will submit an appeal

The Brussels French Communal Commission (CoCof) will soon submit an appeal to the Constitutional Court, against the recent changes to the Nationality Code. This was announced by Brussels President-Minister Rudi Vervoort (PS), who is behind the appeal, on Friday. 

The appeal is against recent changes that will make applying for Belgian nationality more difficult.  The changes mean a large number of non-Belgian people living in Brussels will not be able to claim Belgian nationality. The main obstacle is the new requirement that applicants go through an integration process, which will now include an exam and not a citizenship course. 

Last summer, the federal government modified the conditions for proving social integration during the application process. This was part of a new “cover-all” judicial law. 

Rudi Vervoort wants this law repealed, as he says it interferes with the CoCof’s handling of the policy on welcoming new arrivals and will create inequality. “I hope this will help define federal legislation on applying for nationality and create recognition for the unique positive and inclusive way Brussels welcomes new arrivals”, says Mr Vervoort. 

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