Charles Michel favours a Belgian candidacy for COP26

Charles Michel favours a Belgian candidacy for COP26
Michel announced to parliament on Thursday that he will submit the idea of Belgium's candidacy of COP26 to the consultation committee.

The Prime Minister, Charles Michel, on Thursday said that he favours the Walloon proposal of Belgian candidacy for the COP26 organisation. He announced that he will submit the idea to the consultation committee, when he was responding to several questions in the federal parliament.

The Walloon government put forward the proposal on 30 November. The Walloon Minister for Climate, Jean-Luc Crucke, had explained that it was a “proposal of openness, aiming to bring together Belgium around the essential climate issues.”

Switzerland has withdrawn from the race, owing in particular to too tight a timetable. Negotiations relating to the organisation of COP26 should begin from COP24, which started on Monday. The Swiss Confederation believed that there was very little chance of Switzerland winning, following the logic of “first come, first served”, Italy’s application already being in first.

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