High level of mobilisation announced in Liège region for national action day

High level of mobilisation announced in Liège region for national action day
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A high level of worker mobilisation has been announced for Friday in the Liège region, within various sectors, during the day of initiatives by trade unions against government policies. The CSC Liège-Huy-Waremme (local Confederation of Christian Trade Unions) indicated the point on Tuesday.

A high level of mobilisation has been announced within industry, in companies such as Safran, Inbev, ArcelorMittal, CMI, FN Herstal, Chaudfontaine, Derkenne, Prayon and even the Sagrex services of Engis and Moha in Wallonia. Disruptions have also been announced in major transport and logistics companies such as Lachs, Swissport, Skechers, Lyreco and Base Intermarché. Staff from TEC Liège-Verviers are not driving whilst container parks risk being closed and significant interruptions are expected within company managements, particularly in Liège and Flémalle.

Gaëtan Stas, President of the CSC Liège-Huy-Waremme, is clear, “Remember that behind the government plan, are the demands of employers. It is high time that employers listened to the workers.” He further says, “For four years, the trade unions have increased their alarm signals everywhere - in the streets, within companies, within consultation bodies and through citizen demonstrations. Such gatherings have brought together hundreds of thousands of people, and involved the calling of strikes and meetings, as well as other symbolic initiatives. We are demanding measures which actually respond to people’s needs.”

Symbolically, as the government wishes to make everyone work longer, the CSC is calling for a gathering outside a university hospital centre, CHU du Sart-Tilman, from 9 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. Gaëtan Stas adds, “We wish for sustainable ends to people’s active working lives, that is to say at 55 the possibility of time credit with a right to appropriate allowances, at 60 the possibility of RCC (early retirement pension) without having to be available on the employment market, and at 65 - the maximum retirement age. Without these protective frameworks in place, the number of people who become sick due to working longer is at risk of rocketing.”

From 10 a.m. workers in the hospital sector, nursing homes, social assistance, youth assistance and early years who are members of SETCa (the trade union for employees, technicians and managerial staff) and the CNE (a trade union for employees) will gather outside the Saint-Joseph clinic in Liège. They will demonstrate within the district and will run a soup kitchen.

Moreover teams of activists will go around the shops, especially in Liège city centre, getting people to sign a related petition.

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