Wallonia partners with the “Solar Impulse Foundation”

Wallonia partners with the “Solar Impulse Foundation”
Mr Piccard’s “Solar Impulse Foundation” has much to offer Wallonia.

Wallonia will become the partner of the “Solar Impulse Foundation”, a foundation created by the Swiss Bertrand Piccard, the objective of which is to select and give its seal of approval to 1,000 ideas beneficial for climate. The information emerged on Wednesday in Katowice in Poland, where the UN Climate Conference (“COP24”) is being held.

“The idea that has just been developed is for Wallonia to join the foundation as a donor but also to enable consultancy work.” The Walloon Minister for Energy and Climate, Jean-Luc Crucke, explained the plan, following a meeting described as “very rich and positive”, with Bertrand Piccard in Katowice.

Up to now, independent experts and volunteers responsible for analysing for the Foundation ideas proposed have “only” been able to give their seal of approval to 58 climate “solutions” out of the desired 1,000. Mr Crucke has consequently suggested that experts from the Walloon platform Giec implemented by the climatologist, Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, can support the Foundation.

The Walloon minister explained to the Belga press agency, “Moreover, [they can] do so in a way that Walloon projects are analysed and validated more quickly.” The seal of approval granted by the Solar Impulse Foundation is able to represent a gauge of credibility for imaginative solutions.

Messrs Crucke and Piccard agreed to the signature of a commitment, in the form of a “Memorandum of Understanding” (“MoU”) or a letter of intention between Wallonia and the Foundation “for the next two months.”

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