With only 4 incidents, 2018 was the second best year in Skeyes' history

With only 4 incidents, 2018 was the second best year in Skeyes' history

Just as in 2017, Skeyes registered four incidents in Belgian air space last year, it emerged on Thursday in a 2018 safety report published by the autonomous public company responsible for air traffic control. There was only one in category A and 3 in category B. In addition, the former Belgocontrol registered a hike in the number of drone incidents. 2018 was the second best in Skeyes' history, as it was in 2017, with a single category A ("serious") incident and 3 in category B ("major"). On the other hand, there were no events in either category reported in 2016. Taking into account the increase in the amount of air traffic last year, the result is even a little better than the year before.

Over several years, the company has developed a reporting culture ('just culture') without sanctioning for unintentional human error. Every incident is noted with a view to avoiding possible similar occurrences in the future. The company has, however, observed a slight decrease in the number of reported incidents (1,489 as against 1,809 a year earlier). It has therefore invited the Minister for Mobility back to have a royal decree issued that will anchor this principle and create a legislative framework to this effect.

The former Belgocontrol has furthermore been struck by an increase in the number of drone incidents, which has gone from 15 to 31.

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