Belgian restaurants and hotels pledge to promote Belgian beef

Belgian restaurants and hotels pledge to promote Belgian beef

A broad range of stakeholders made a commitment to promote the supply of Belgian beef to the consumer in a charter they signed on Friday. The initiative was coordinated by Federal Agricultural Minister Denis Ducarne.

The charter was signed by three federations representing the ‘HoReCa’ sector (hotels, restaurants, cafés), agricultural unions and a network of chefs. It aims to promote Belgian meat, currently overshadowed by foreign competitors, and highlight its diversity, including the Blanc-Bleu, Bleue de Chimay, Rouge des Flandres, Limousine, Charolaise and Angus brands.

"Consumers are sometimes unaware of the diversity of products that come from here,” the minister said. “This charter is aimed at presenting this beautiful meat even more. There is something for all tastes: tender, fat, less fat, medium … the quality is there but also the well-being of the animals, not to forget the reduced carbon footprint.

“This is not meat that has to cross oceans, it’s meat that comes from here,” added the minister, who was accompanied by the heads of the HoReCa federations, the Walloon Federation of Agriculture, the Boerenbond (Flemish farmers’ union), ABS and the Belgian chapter of Euro-Toques, a network that links Europe’s chefs.

In signing the charter, the farmers pledged to guarantee the animals’ traceability, respect their well-being and feed them in healthy and sustainable ways. The Horeca sector committed to organising training sessions, promoting beef from cattle reared in Belgium and introducing lesser known cuts to the consumer.

A logo informing restaurant patrons that they are consuming Belgian beef is to be produced soon.

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