Minister denies government lacks ambition on wind energy

Minister denies government lacks ambition on wind energy

Federal Energy Minister Marie Christine Marghem on Wednesday rejected an accusation by Otary CEO Nathalie Oosterlinck that the Federal Government shows a lack of ambition in its policy on wind energy. Describing Oosterlinck’s accusations as baseless, Marghem stressed that “the Government has been very ambitious,” and has “not only completed the entire negotiation on offshore generation, allowing Belgium to reach an installed offshore capacity of 2.2 GW by 2020 and thus meeting its European obligations,” but also “designed the next offshore park in the North Sea.”

The Government has adopted a framework for a tendering mechanism so that concessions will now be granted to windmill operators on a competitive basis and to obtain the best technology at the best price.

“The capacity of our future parks will enable our country to reach a capacity of 4GW offshore and confirm our position as an international leader in the field,” Marghem added.

On Tuesday, on the margin of the inauguration of the Rentel windmill park in the North Sea, Oosterlinck had deplored the lack of ambition of the Federal Government.

The incoming government will have to make “conscious choices with a view to a carbon-neutral future. A long-term vision is needed, and that vision must be implemented in a coherent way," she had said.

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