Twenty company bosses say Belgium needs long-term goals

Twenty company bosses say Belgium needs long-term goals

An open letter addressed to politicians, signed by 23 public figures, was published in L’Echo and De Tijd on Saturday. The 23 signatures include company bosses from the North and South of the country. The letter said Belgium lacks long-term goals in critical areas such as immigration, mobility and energy.

“Belgium has no clears goals for the next 10 to 20 years when it comes to immigration, mobility, energy, pensions, the environment and digitalisation. There are no detailed action plans or figures in place to guide the next government”, the letter said. Among those who have signed it are Eric Mestdagh (Mestdagh group), Bernard Delaux (Sonaweca) and Michèle Sioen (Sioen Industries).

“It is important we have a something to aim for in these very key areas over the next 10, 15, 20 years. We need projects and action plans the next government will continue, which won’t be constantly under debate as the political landscape changes”.

“This would necessitate a fundamental rethink of the way political parties and staff function. They have to work together on the most important issues”.

The signatories think “this country needs goals” and ask politicians to make this a priority. 

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