Flemish liberal party calls for aboliton of 'car papers'

Flemish liberal party calls for aboliton of 'car papers'

Minister of Administrative Simplification, Digital Agenda, Postal Services and Telecom Philippe De Backer (Open Vld) has prepared a plan in which he argues for more administrative simplification, suggesting the abolition of car registration papers. According to the liberal party, car registration documents can be made available digitally very easily, so their paper counterparts would no longer be necessary. Having your driving license extended or replaced should also be easier and more efficient, by simply sending it by post after payment, just like a number plate.

De Backer set up the "Kafka reporting point", which was founded by Vincent Van Quickenborne (Open Vld). "There are still absurd rules or procedures that only seem to be intended to make our lives miserable," De Backer said to NewMobility. "Incomprehensible forms and regulations no one knows what they are intended for, it is Kafka. In the 21st century, all this has to be done in a much simpler, more digital and more customer-oriented way," he added.

In the long run, the liberal party wants a fully digital government in everyone's pocket through an app. The BeApp must become an app in which all digital applications, such as the e-box, Tax-on-web and MyCareer, come together. Citizens that wish to do so, must be able to make their payments to the government completely digitally, Open Vld said.

The Belgian union for self-employed workers, Unizo, wants the next government to make reducing administrative hassle a priority. In concrete terms, Unizo is asking that for every extra euro spent on more administration, the government cuts three euros of administrative burdens elsewhere.

According to a Unizo study, administrative burdens are still one of the biggest sources of irritation for managers of small and middle-sized enterprises.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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