Experts say zero emissions in Belgium by 2050 'technically possible'

Experts say zero emissions in Belgium by 2050 'technically possible'

“It is possible, desirable and it would be beneficial to meet the zero emissions target over the next 30 years, while also improving well-being and the economy.” This is the conclusion drawn by a panel of 14 (mainly university) experts. The academics have sketched out a plan for the necessary transition with a series of key measures. It starts with a “complete and integrated vision of the transition.”

The expert’s plan includes massive reforestation, considerable and rapid investment in mobility and buildings, a switch to renewable energy, a ban on oil and gas boilers in new builds and fully electric cars.

Most of the measures have already been unveiled and some can be taken immediately. However, the transition will not be simple. The authors warned it will “probably be one of the biggest challenges our country has faced since the war.”

The transition “will involve all the social and economic bodies at all levels of government, from local to federal.”

The report was done at the request of the “Sign for my future” campaign. 250,000 people have signed a petition calling for a “climatically neutral Belgium by 2050” and a “significant drop” in emissions over the next five years. 

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