Underage migrants found inside truck near Bruges

Underage migrants found inside truck near Bruges

A pair of Eritrean nationals were detained after police found them hiding among a truck’s cargo of flour in the outskirts of Bruges, police confirmed Wednesday.

The two migrants, aged 17, were hidden inside the truck between bags of flour.

Police was alerted Tuesday of the possible presence of migrants inside a truck, which prompted them to intervene.

The truck was presumably led to the nearby port of Zeebrugge, where its cargo was scanned, leading to the discovery of the two individuals inside.

“We wanted to be 100 per cent sure that no one would die suffocated between flour bags,” the local prosecutor told SudInfo.

No information was given about the truck’s final destination, which was parked in a rest stop on the E40 near Jabbeke, in the outskirts of Bruges.

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