Four in ten Belgian employees unhappy with their salary

Four in ten Belgian employees unhappy with their salary
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Four Belgian employees in ten are unhappy with their salary, it emerged on Tuesday from a study made by human resources company StepStone, based on the answers of more than 15,000 Belgian employees via its salary comparator.

Those working in the education sector were the most satisfied with their remuneration (72%), followed by those employed in the public (67%) and research (66%) sectors.

People active in the public sector appeared more satisfied than the average. "If one of the possible explanations of this observation is provided by fixed pay scales, it may be supposed that in the private sector, negotiations, proactive claims for salary increases and not knowing one's colleagues' salaries can provoke a feeling of uncertainty on the subject of earnings and therefore less satisfaction," StepStone alleged.

Belgian employees in the catering (47%), leisure (48%) and telecommunications sectors (49%) were the least satisfied with their salary.

The salary comparator offers Belgian employees the possibility of simulating their pay development, should their professional situation change.

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