Medical entrance results better than thought

Medical entrance results better than thought
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Among the 2,250 candidates who failed the medical entrance examination in 2017, 40% (961) who re-attempted in 2018 were successful, data shows based on a statistical analysis conducted by Solvay Brussels School lecturer Stefan Dab. 

The success rate in 2017 amounted to a low 22%. This second-chance result increased the success rate to 36% (1,028) for the 2017 cohort, a result that corresponds to success rates in first year university. 

The statistical analyses also highlight a gender bias. Two thirds of candidates are female, but the boys do significantly better (44.2% against 32.5% in 2017).

This phenomenon raises questions to the author of the study who says that "the organization of the entrance examination should have been preceded by a gender test, which was, apparently, not the case."

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