Arthur and Emma top list of most popular baby names

Arthur and Emma top list of most popular baby names
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The name Arthur rose in popularity to top the list of most popular names given to Belgian baby boys in 2018, and Emma kept its top spot as the most given name to newborn girls, according to new figures released by the federal statistics office on Thursday.

The name Arthur was rising steadily in popularity for the past year but broke into the top spot las year, as over 565 newborn babies were given that name. The name Noah came in a close second as it was given to 553 babies.

A new generation of Belgians boys will be named Adam, Liam, Victor or Mohamed, as they are some of the names included in the top ten of most popular names given last year to baby boys country-wide.

A total of 608 newborn girls in Belgium were given the name Emma last year, in keeping with a years-long trend which has seen the name cement its popularity in the country.

Emma is closely followed by Olivia, Louise and Mila, and other names like Lina, Juliette or Elena also made it into last year's top ten.

The least popular names given to girls in 2018 were phonetic variations of common names, such as Liss, Alies or Rozie, while names like Tina, Wendy or Annie are tending to drop out of the charts.

Overall, the most common Belgian name for women of all ages is Marie or Maria, followed by Martine and Monique, while the most common male names remain Jean, Marc and Patrick.

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