Blasts in Antwerp leave vehicle, property damage

Blasts in Antwerp leave vehicle, property damage
The residential street in Antwerp where two blasts went off early on Monday. Credit: Google Street View

An explosion in a residential street in the Antwerp district of Berchem damaged six vehicles and two neighbouring properties, in the second blast recorded in the area since the weekend.

Police are still trying to determine the source of the explosion after they were alerted about blasts in Berchem's Marsstraat at 3:11 AM, according to De Morgen.

Initial information from authorities found that there had been two separate explosions in the street, but no additional explosives were found after the DOVO explosives united conducted a search of the area.

At around 07:00 AM on Monday, vehicle circulation in the residential street was limited as police were still investigating the residential street to try to determine the source of the explosion.

Six vehicles were damaged as well as two residential façades in what is the second blast in the Antwerp region since Friday, when a grenade exploded inside a castle, leaving significant damage to the property.

Gabriela Galindo

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