Sinkhole in European district, local traffic disrupted

Sinkhole in European district, local traffic disrupted
The sink occurred on a less busy part of the road. Credit: Google maps

A sinkhole in rue Belliard between the Parc Léopold and the Cinquantenaire park has disrupted local traffic but is not a danger to residents.

The exact cause of the sink remains unclear at this time, with Brussels Mobility telling Bruzz that they are "still investigating what happened."

Gas and electricity manager Sibelga had previously carried out road works in the immediate vicinity, according to reports.


As the incident took place in the quieter part of the rue Belliard - past the tunnels towards the E40 and Montgomery - the disruption remains limited. One lane between rue Froissart and Avenue Auderghem is closed, but cars and buses can still pass.

No gas or water leaks have been caused, and no local residents had to be evacuated as a result.

Jules Johnston

The Brussels Times

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