Train cancelled after being covered in graffiti tags overnight

Train cancelled after being covered in graffiti tags overnight
Many train wagons become completely covered in graffiti, making it difficult to open some of the doors. Credit: Belga

A train had to be taken out of service after its wagons were completely covered in graffiti tags overnight, Belgian national railway company SNCB said on Wednesday.

The train was meant to travel East from the Walloon town of Welkenraedt to the Flemish town of Kortrijk on Tuesday morning, but was rendered useless by the graffiti "vandals," according to RTBF.

The SNCB said it had to cancel the train due to the strong smell of paint and the fact that some of the doors wouldn't easily open, the French-speaking outlet reports.

The railway company said it was not the first time one of its vehicles was painted with graffiti, noting that that same train had already been tagged in July.

Every year, the railway firm spends millions to clean its tagged trains, with a bill in 2015 adding up to a total of €3 million.

The SNCB uses surveillance footage to fight back against the tagging of its trains, and has reportedly started categorising the tags in order to more easily identify repeat offenders.

Gabriela Galindo

The Brussels Times

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