E313 highway completely blocked after two traffic accidents

E313 highway completely blocked after two traffic accidents
After two accidents, major traffic jams are blocking the E313 highway, to the north of the country. Vlaams Verkeerscentrum/Twitter.

Traffic on the E313 highway from Antwerp to Liège is a complete standstill after two different traffic accidents took place on Friday morning.

An initial accident took place at roughly 8:30 AM on the highway in the direction of the city of Hasselt, blocking two lanes on the road and resulting in a serious traffic jam.

A subsequent accident at the tail of the traffic jam saw two trucks and delivery van collide with each other, according to HLN.

The driver of the van is seriously injured, according to the outlet, and one of the truck drivers sustained light injuries.

At around 10:00 AM, the traffic jam was still blocking the highway, with the Massenhoven access in the direction of Hasselt is also temporarily closed.

The Flemish traffic centre Vlaams Verkeerscentrum said that the disturbances to traffic could last up to two hours and advised drivers to exit the highway in Ranst and head in the direction of the Netherlands on the E34.

Gabriela Galindo

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