Belgium in Brief: Brexit, e-bike withdrawal and fake garbage bags

Belgium in Brief: Brexit, e-bike withdrawal and fake garbage bags

Boris Johnson's Brexit takes a seismic shift, Italy announces a new Commissioner and e-bikes pull out of parts of Brussels amid vandalism and safety concerns.

Here’s a recap of the news you might have missed this morning:

1. N-VA laments vandalised e-bikes from Brussels neighbourhoods

The decision by e-mobility providers Jump and Felyx to no longer provide services to certain parts of Brussels shows the "reality" of certain Brussels neighbourhoods, according to one N-VA MP. Read more. 

2. Belgium opposes Shell abandoning drilling platform foundations in the sea

Belgium, plus four other countries and the European Commission are opposed to the Shell Oil company leaving the foundations of three old drilling platforms in the North Sea, De Morgen indicated on Thursday. Read more.

3. Brexit: Boris Johnson’s brother resigns from government

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s younger brother, Jo Johnson, announced on Thursday his resignation from the Conservative government where he held a post as Secretary of State, citing conflict of “national interest” versus “family loyalty”. Read more.

4. Men found guilty for sale of counterfeit garbage bags in Belgium

A group of men who made and sold counterfeit garbage bags in cities in Belgium was sentenced to up to four years in jail by the Mechelen correctional court on Wednesday. Read more.

5. Italy nominates Paolo Gentiloni as Commissioner in Brussels

Italy has nominated Paolo Gentiloni, former head of the left-wing government from late 2016 to May 2018, as an Italian member of the new Brussels Commission, it was reported on Thursday. Read more.

6. Brexit: Johnson will not obstruct text asking for a postponement

After losing his majority and failing to call early elections, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed on Thursday not to obstruct the text calling for a postponement of Brexit. Read more.

7. 25 years after the genocide in Rwanda many questions still remain unanswered

This year marks a quarter-century since the genocide in Rwanda but it still remains unclear who some of the main culprits were that triggered the chain of events that led to the genocide. Read more.

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