First female CEO at Alken-Maes

First female CEO at Alken-Maes
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Alken-Maes will now be led by Annick Vincenty, the company announced on Monday, adding that she would be the first female CEO. 

Her predecessor since 2016 Edwin Botterman returns to the Brasseries de Bourbon in La Reunion, that he had already led from 1998 to 2002. 

Vincenty joined Heineken in 1998 and held various functions. Since 2013, she was marketing director in France, where she was from and where she developed a broad portfolio of local and international brands, the company said. "Vincenty has strongly developed Affligem and Mort Subiteon the French market." 

Late June, Alken-Maes Breweries (Maes, Cristal, Desperados) merged with Aubel Stassen Cider, Liège region, and Albert Ruisbroek malting. It was announced that the new company would reach a turnover of 300 million euros and employ 600 workers. 

Alken-Maes Brouwerijen was born in 1988 following the merger of Maes Waarloos and Alken Cristal. Heineken took over from Scottish & Newcastle in 2008.

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