Belgium in Brief: Antwerp station brawl, Eddy Merckx in hospital and over 400 climate protest arrests

Belgium in Brief: Antwerp station brawl, Eddy Merckx in hospital and over 400 climate protest arrests

Police will investigate potential excessive force used during a climate protest on Saturday, a Belgian cycling legend is hospitalised and a car crash destroys a WWII monument in Brussels.

Here’s a recap of the news you might have missed this morning:

1. Over 400 arrested, investigation launched after climate protests in Brussels

An investigation will seek to determine whether police used excessive force against protesters taking part in an Extinction Rebellion protest in downtown Brussels at the weekend which saw over 400 people arrested. Read more.

2. Over 12,000 shops closed in Belgium since 2009

Around 2,500 shops in Wallonia have closed in the last 10 years, L’Echo and De Tijd reported on Saturday. Read more.

3. Ghent wants to limit paved parking spaces in front gardens

The city of Ghent wants to limit the provision of building permits for paved parking spaces in newly built front gardens. Read more.

4. Eddy Merckx hospitalised with head wound after cycling accident

The champion cyclist Merckx, 74, received a serious head injury and was transported to Dendermonde hospital for further examinations. Read more.

5. Car crash destroys monument to WWII hero in Brussels

The unidentified driver of a grey Mercedes rammed into the monument around 7:30 AM, in an incident whose only casualty appears to be the concrete bust erected on Avenue Louise in honour of Belgian pilot Jean de Selys Longchamps. Read more.

6. Antwerp man arrested after beating transport employee unconscious

A man was arrested on attempted manslaughter charges for beating an Antwerp public transport employee unconscious when he was asked to stop smoking inside a station. Read more.

7. Anti-‘cordon sanitaire’ demonstration to be held in Antwerp on Sunday

The first of several monthly demonstrations against the political ‘cordon sanitaire’ in the Flemish government will be held on Sunday 20 October on the Groenplaats in Antwerp. Read more.

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