Several hundred human skeletons discovered under Ghent cathedral

Several hundred human skeletons discovered under Ghent cathedral
During the Middle Ages there was a graveyard behind the Saint Bavos Cathedral in Ghent that was in operation for 700 years. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

During renovations of the Saint Bavo Cathedral in Ghent 800 complete human skeletons, many of which are the size of children, have been uncovered.

The renovations, which began on 4 March 2019, also uncovered five thousand kilograms of loose human bones.

"We knew that the area behind the cathedral, where the bishop's house now stands, was a graveyard for the people of the centre of Ghent," explained Ludo Collin, a Belgian clergyman who holds various responsibilities within the diocese of Ghent, to VRT.

It is understood that the graveyard was in use for a period of 700 years during the Middle Ages. It closed sometime in 1748.

The hundreds of excavated human skeletons have been washed and are currently drying on racks.

"The archaeological team will thoroughly examine the skeletons and prepare a large report," added Collin.

Research will investigate why so many of the skeletons were children.

Evie McCullough

The Brussels Times

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