Gilets Jaunes deny damaging Namur Armistice monument

Gilets Jaunes deny damaging Namur Armistice monument
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The Gilets Jaunes (the yellow vests grassroots protest movement for economic justice) deny being behind recent damage to a war memorial in the Namur, despite claims by the perpetrators that they were members of the movement.

"For us, it is a usurpation," Gilets Jaunes Namur spokesman, Marc-Henri Jamain explained. "Since the beginning of the Gilets Jaunes movement, our only objective is the struggle for a better life and more social justice. In no way do we condone the tags that have been made on the various monuments honouring our war heroes on this particular day of the Armistice."

"As we have no structure, everyone can, unfortunately, claim to be part of the Gilets Jaunes. But believe us, real Gilets Jaunes do not tolerate such damage," he added.

"I had an exchange with Mr. Jamain who explained to me that he dissociated himself from acts of vandalism," explained the Mayor of Namur, Maxime Prévot. "I therefore take note of it. It is probably regrettable that some of the perpetrators have claimed to be Gilets Jaunes, especially as this form of combat clearly does not serve their cause."

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