Postman stumbles across woman's lifeless body in Ghent

Postman stumbles across woman's lifeless body in Ghent
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An investigation has been launched after a postman stumbled upon the lifeless body of a woman in central Ghent in the early hours of Wednesday.

The postman found the body lying on the ground at around 5:30 AM in Notarisstraat, a small street near the pedestrian centre of the student city.

Police and the emergency response services were called to the sight of the discovery but said it was too late to do anything.

The circumstances surrounding the woman's death remain so far unclear, with prosecutors saying that an investigation has been launched.

"We can confirm that it is a woman's body, but her identity is not yet known," prosecutors told De Standaard.

A forensic team arrived to inspect the site but said that no further information could be revealed at this time, adding that the woman had been identified and that her family was notified.

Gabriela Galindo

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