Belgium reminds people they should still be teleworking

Belgium reminds people they should still be teleworking
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Belgium's Crisis Centre is calling for "a renewed maximum commitment" to working from home to get the stabilising coronavirus figures down, during a press conference on Monday.

"We are calling for a renewed maximum commitment to working from home," said virologist and interfederal Covid-19 spokesperson Steven Van Gucht. "Teleworking pays off."

"We have seen an increase in general mobility since the end of the extended autumn holidays," he said. "We are moving more to go to school - we cannot avoid that - but also to go to work and to the shop."

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"If you absolutely have to be at work, it is best to keep as much distance from colleagues as possible," Van Gucht stressed. "That is still rule number one, even if you are wearing a mask."

Referring to the increased mobility to go shopping, the Crisis Centre urged people to shop in their own neighbourhood, to do it alone and avoid crowded places. "Run-shopping and not fun-shopping remains the rule."

Additionally, Van Gucht stressed the importance of only having one close contact outside the household, and to consult your doctor to get tested for Covid-19 at the slightest symptom. "Every day counts."

Maïthé Chini

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