Belgium in Brief: Bin Day, The Movie

Belgium in Brief: Bin Day, The Movie

The scene opens on a landscape littered with... litter.

Foxes roam, crows pick at the remains. You move closer.

"No, it can't be," you exclaim to nobody in particular.

You haven't slept for a thousand years and awoken in a distant apocalyptic future, the half-eaten Burger King in the middle of the road tells a different story.

The discarded blue plastic, the pecked holes, the approaching sound of grinding metal.

It's Bin Day. 

Yeah, fine, it's not that bad - but there have certainly been days it felt like it. Belgium's reliance on plastic bags to keep garbage in - and pests out - may be something we have all come to begrudgingly accept, but this could be about to change.

Hanging it from trees? Garbage knights? Some mix of both?

No, plastic bins, though Garbage Knights would be cool too.

Got your own bin day story? Let @johnstonjules know, it's the holidays.

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The orange bag for organic waste. Credit: Belga

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