Belgium in Brief: Tickets At The Ready, Please

Belgium in Brief: Tickets At The Ready, Please
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What a week.

Tuesday it was new rules for the vaccinated, Wednesday it was new rules for Flanders and Wallonia, and on Wednesday evening we got an idea of how events will look in Brussels for the foreseeable future.

First up, you'll almost certainly need a ticket for things to feel even remotely "normal".

For those thinking that tickets for events are nothing new, I should clarify that this is a very different ticket. Not the tickets for your favourite band that sell out in five minutes; what we're talking about here is the Covid Safe Ticket (CST).

So what exactly is this ticket? (Because I certainly wasn't sure).

Fundamentally, the CST is proof that you have been fully vaccinated for at least two weeks, have recently tested negative, or have been infected and recovered from coronavirus in the past six months. The CST is only valid in Belgium and is specifically intended to allow events to take place without having to wear a face mask and keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

That last bit is what makes all the difference here.

If you go to an event that needs the pass, it might actually feel a little bit more normal. Events with 3000 + attendees can now go ahead thanks to the CST, and aside from a mandatory closing hour, they should be pretty much the same as they were before.

Have you been to any events using the tickets yet? How were they? Let @johnstonjules know.

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