Weather models predict up to 30 degrees in Belgium next week

Weather models predict up to 30 degrees in Belgium next week
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Several weather models agree that Belgium will experience very pleasant summer temperature this weekend and next week, with some even expecting up to 30 degrees locally.

On Thursday, an American weather model predicted temperatures of 30 degrees in Belgium, and a German weather model showed similar predictions on Friday, according to NoodweerBenelux.

"30 degrees is possible, but the way the maps look now, the chance is rather limited. I would put it at about 20%," said VTM weather reporter Frank Duboccage.

"Everything will have to fall into place. Yesterday, it looked like Monday would be the warmest day, but now some clouds seem to be drifting in and even some rain is not excluded," he said.

"The 30 degrees should be there on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, but I do not think it is likely," Duboccage added. "At least not the way it looks now."

According to NoodweerBenelux, "it is perhaps a little premature to say that we will actually reach 30 degrees on Wednesday," but temperatures of 27 to 28 degrees should definitely be in the cards.

The warm weather in the Benelux next week is caused by an influx of warm air from the north of Africa, according to Nicolas Roose of NoodweerBenelux.

"That in itself is not really exceptional. It happens more often that temperatures of 25 degrees and more are reached in September and October," he told Het Laatste Nieuws.

There is still a lot of uncertainty about the weather at the end of next week, as the weather in Belgium will partly be determined by the hurricanes over the Atlantic Ocean, meaning it can go in two completely different directions.

"The hurricanes can extend the late summer weather and even strengthen it with temperatures of 30 degrees," said Roose. "But they could also - and this is what it looks like most - push us towards a cold option, with temperatures below normal for the time of year."

"Two extremes, in other words. We will have to wait and see. It is going to be one or the other," he added.

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