Blood moon: When to catch the total lunar eclipse on Monday

Blood moon: When to catch the total lunar eclipse on Monday
A total lunar eclipse. Credit: Yu Kato at Unsplash

A total lunar eclipse is set to unfold early on Monday morning, with the Moon in the Earth's shadow being visible from earth.

Things will kick off early in the morning when the moon will be fully eclipsed at 05:29 CEST. It will look coppery red due to the Earth's atmosphere pushing some of the light coming from the sun towards it.

In Europe, the moon will soon set afterwards but the eclipse will continue until 08:50 CEST. The eastern side of North America, as well as central and southern America, will be able to see the whole show.

What is a lunar eclipse

A total lunar eclipse happens when the Earth is directly between the Sun and the Moon, while the Moon is in the Earth's shadow.

When the moon passes through the darkest part of the Earth's shadow, it is known as the umbra.

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A lunar eclipse is also known as a "Blood Moon" due to the red colour it takes on. That colour will depend on how much dust there is in the Earth's atmosphere.

A total lunar eclipse happens at least twice every three years.

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