Flemish Green party rules out non-credible candidacy

Flemish Green party rules out non-credible candidacy
Jad Zeitouni, Jenna Boeve, Jeremie Vaneeckhout, Nadia Naji, Juan Benjumea-Moreno and Elisabeth Meuleman. Credit: Groen

In the ongoing contest for a new party leader, the Flemish Groen (green) party has ruled out candidate Renaat Van Rompaey, who the party says does not stick to commitments.

Moreover, they denounced his campaign as de-constructive and argued that he has no serious ambitions to become the new president.

Van Rompaey formed a duo with Djalikhatou Barry, but Groen claims that the candidacy was not in good faith. “Van Rompaey often went alone to political meetings and made some remarks that harm the party externally.”

Van Rompaey announced on Wednesday evening that he wished to continue his bid for party presidency, arguing that it was not up to the party's representatives or staff, but to the members to select candidates.

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With Van Rompaey and Barry now ruled out, only three duos remain in the running: Flemish MP Jeremie Vaneeckhout and Brussels MP Nadja Naji (cabinet of Brussels minister Elke Van den Brandt), Flemish MP Elisabeth Meuleman and Brussels MP Juan Benjumea-Moreno and Jong Groen MPs Jenna Boeve and Jad Zeitouni.

On 11 June, Groen will decide who will succeed current President Meyrem Almaci.

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