Bois de la Cambre closes due to bad weather on Friday

Bois de la Cambre closes due to bad weather on Friday
Credit: Thierry Roge / Belga

Bois de La Cambre was closed at 10:00am this morning by the Brussels Region Police due to adverse weather conditions expected throughout the day.

Heavy rain and intense thunderstorms are expected to hit Brussels, with violent gales and hailstorms that may occur in the event of a thunderstorm, according to the Royal Meteorological Institute.

Motorists have been asked to drive around the park in the worry that strong winds may bring down trees and cause serious road accidents.

The weather forecast

Later in the afternoon on Friday, the weather is predicted to be dry with some sunny spells. The temperature will range between 18ºC along the coast and 27ºC in the Southwest of Belgium.

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The wind will pick up speed while moving between the west and southwest of Belgium in the afternoon, becoming moderate to quite strong.

Friday night and Saturday, the precipitation will move north towards Germany and the Netherlands, clearning the skies. Low clouds will form overnight, while temperatures will drop to 7 and 13ºC.

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