Overpopulated animal shelters receive support from Brussels Region

Overpopulated animal shelters receive support from Brussels Region
The majority of sheltered animals are cats and dogs. Credit: Canva

Overpopulated animal shelters in Brussels can now receive a subsidy, as the Regional Government wants to support the heavily-saturated shelters.

With the summer holidays approaching this is particularly important, given it is a well-known period when more animals are reportedly abandoned.

The subsidy also aims to improve the welfare of animals in shelters, reports the Brussels Region Animal Welfare Minister, Bernard Clerfayt.

The nine approved shelters in the Brussels Region receive up to 5,000 stray animals each year. The majority of those are cats and dogs, but reptiles, rodents and birds are also taken in by the Brussels shelters.

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The many calls for more funding for shelters in Brussels have been answered as Animal Welfare Minister Clerfayt allocated funds to the struggling shelters. Each asylum in Brussels can receive a maximum amount of €7,000.

Solidarity and donations

Until now, the care, vaccinations, food and living costs of caring for stray animals continue to add up. Non-profit organisations used to pay for everything themselves, depending on donations and partnerships.

“The shelters do not have large budgets. Moreover, they all function thanks to the solidarity of citizens and their donations. This is not normal, because they fulfil an essential public service function to protect the welfare of animals in need,” Clerfayt said.

“Although the budget situation of the Region does not allow us to provide structural support to the shelters, for the time being, I hope with this call for subsidies to offer the shelters some breathing space by enabling them to improve the welfare of the animals,” concludes Clerfayt.

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